Stone House Outside and Inside

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Stone House with Eclectic Interior Design

So happy that I bring you along for another local home tour! I believe that this house can inspire you in many ways.

Before we delve into this beautiful stone house and look into design decisions, I want to mention that this house was designed and built by the owner.

You will immediately feel the unique personality of this home. Owners have decorated this house with their handcrafted art and the items they collected around the world.

Before they bought the land, there was a destroyed stone house in the area. So they wanted to reincarnate the soul of the old house into their new house by protecting the stone building.

Stone buildings are great at so many things that you will probably want your future house exterior to be stone. The natural cooling and heating is the most crucial feature of stone houses.

Let me introduce you to the area—this house is located in Marmaris, Turkey, which has a view of the Mediterranean Sea. The village is surrounded by nature.

Summers in this area pass so hotly, 100-104 F (38-40 C) in general heat.

However, the stone house does not use any air conditioner or something to cool off space. Indoors are genuinely cool throughout the summer.

The owners prefer to use dark walnut exposed beams, kitchen cabinets, stairs, and doors. The use of natural materials everywhere helped this house to be successfully designed.

eclectic kitchen
eclectic living room
stone house interior
stone hosue with wood staircase
hall decor
natural rug
stone house garden
mediterranean view
bamboo longchair
bamboo sunbed
stone house exterior terrace
stone house exterior terrace with sea view

Interior Details

When we get inside this beautiful house, the first thing you can notice is interesting home decor accessories.

There are masks, handmade paints, vintage mirrors, mediterranean style light fixtures, and natural fiber rugs.

In this house, there are no rules; nothing is matchy and has awkward charm. All these pros and cons add to this house a strong personality and an eclectic vibe. You can feel the unique taste of owners.

Sisal, jüte, vintage rugs are so popular in eclectic and bohemian houses. These rugs are perfect for adding another layer to your decorations with their textural being.

stone fireplace
fireplace decor
eclectic style vintage mirror
natural material rug
sisal rug
eclectic style floor details
eclectic style mask
Corner decoration

What do you think about this house? Did you feel the calmness and relaxed when you look at this beautiful historical house?

Did you feel inspired? Feel free to comment below if you want to see houses like this.

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