Get the Satisfaction of Redecorating with a New Set of Throw Pillows

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Get the Satisfaction of Redecorating with a New Set of Throw Pillows

Pillows and cushions are such versatile items that you can move them around the house and change cover constantly.

That is why pillows are a perfect way to make easy changes to get the satisfaction of redecorating.

Some people like to adapt their home-style when the seasons are changing.

Having a different set of throw pillows for different seasons is a great way to update your space with as little cost as possible. 

If you agree, I have a bunch of ideas for you. You can easily use these ideas to find the perfect throw pillows sets for your bed or couch.

Basics of Decorating with Throw Pillows

To the simplest, there are 3 categories of throw pillows:

  • Pattern (Stripes, floral, polka dots, ikat, etc.)
  • Solid (Any solid color in your rooms color palette
  • Whimsical (Prints, typographic words, etc.)
throw pillows set

You need to use at least two of these categories in your throw pillow compositions.

Otherwise, there is a possibility of looking so crowded and uninterested. This makes most people feel cheezy.

If you have a colorful sofa or loud and crazy bed sheets, I can accept only solid pillow covers.

Couple of Recipes that You Can Follow

When you think about pairing throw pillows, you have several easy and fail-safe ways to do it. Let’s discuss the first one.

Throw Pillow Pairing Recipe 1 


1. Start with deciding on your main colorful cushion/s (pattern or whimsical). Choose this pillow according to your taste. This will be your starting point, and it will make it easy to select other pillows. When deciding colors or patterns on these pillows, look at your room and try to find contrasting colors with your sofa or bed. Using the accent colors is a brilliant idea.

2. Pick another pillow, but it needs to be referring to the pattern or color of the main cushions. This may be a repetition of colors or patterns. For example, you can pick the first pillowcase with a geometric shape, and the second one can also be a geometric shape but use differences.

throw pillows for bed

If you have trouble matching different patterns, don’t worry. I will give some advice on them.

3. Add plain colors into your throw pillow sets. These will be your soft background. Again, you can simply select a color from the first step. 

4. Lastly, find pillowcases that have textures. Preferably differ the fabrics from the sofa or your bed textile. Don’t forget to pick colors from other colorful cushions of yours.

cushion on sofa

Throw Pillow Pairing Recipe 2


1. Start with one bold pattern. It will be perfect if you decide on this pattern considering your interior design style. For example, use colorful floral patterns if you want a bohemian twist, or use strong geometrical patterns if minimalism is your style.

2. Add a solid color from the pattern. The best tip is to go into your pattern and find the least obvious color. 

3. Add another solid color with the same process. However, try to use different textures between these solid-colored pillowcases. 

Throw Pillow Pairing Recipe 3


Let’s twisted up a little bit and make some brave decisions. I can encourage matching pattern pillow covers with whimsical covers if you do this:

1. Create a color scheme for your throw pillow sets. This will balance all the loud patterns and prints.

2. Use the same colors with different pattern styles, or use the same patterns with different colors.

decorating with throw pillows

Tips for Finding the Best Patterns

I want to discuss some popular patterns and tips for matching them with other patterns or colors. 

Floral prints or patterns are everywhere. If you go for floral patterns, look for plenty of neutral surfaces in the background. In a nutshell, balance strong prints with a neutral background.

The more neutral colors in your room are signs that you can work with brighter colors and patterns in your throw pillows.

Most people hesitate when it comes to using different patterns and textures in interiors. You should not, beacuse I have lots of great tips about using patterns and different textures.

How to Match Texture

Don’t be afraid to use different textures from velvet to silk to fur. 

Combining different textures is the best way to add interest and layers to the room.

Heavy textures like fur, sequin are always looking cozy and modern when matching light textures like silk and cotton.

set of throw pillows

Designer’s Tips: Because of the limited variations of pillow shapes, some people try to place them like a diamond shape (one corner down to the surface). Believe me, it cheapens the look. However, you can try ‘karate chop’ in the middle of the cushion. It will simply help you break up uniform shapes.

karate chop on cushion
cushion replacement

Chopping pillows can show off certain fabrics like silk, sheen, and cotton. Using this technique on solid-colored pillows is always a better idea than using on patterns. This can make things like spots or stripes look less bold and uniform.

If you find different pillow shapes that work well with your cushion’s colors, go for it.

decorative throw pillows

Now you know all the recipes I use to combine beautiful throw pillows.

These recipes make this process way easier and more fun with all the options around when picking up different colors, patterns, or sections.

What do you think? Don’t you think that these kinds of decor recipes are making it way easier?

Feel free to comment below and make a statement. We love bold people. Follow DIYdesign for amazing content.

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