ps for Airbnb Hosts How to Make Sure You Will Get 5-Star Reviews

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Tips for Airbnb Hosts: How to Make Sure You Will Get 5-Star Reviews?

Airbnb’s are so popular, and most people are trying to transform their rental apartments and become Airbnb hosts. This is because the Airbnb market has become so competitive. There are many Airbnb’s in any location now.

After all, the most you have 5-star reviews, the more attraction you get.

This is a simple action-reaction that will increase your revenue. So, how can you make people interact with you and become your loyal customer?

My boyfriend and I plan to rent an Airbnb house for an additional income source. That is why I have been researching for a while about getting the most from Airbnb rentals.

First, I chatted with some homeowners and Airbnb travelers then I realized some basic things that everyone can easily do. So let’s find out what they are:

Make Profitable Decisions

You need to thread your Airbnb like a business and act like it. If you want to earn more money, you have to invest, but you need to do it wisely.

Don’t spend any money on stuff that you don’t need to.

I know this is your house, but it is for business. So the wiser thing to do is to put money on something that will make your guests feel comfortable, like their home.

Airbnb hosts

How can you do this? Most people think that more expansive means a lot of stuff, but it doesn’t. It means less stuff with high quality.

You can feel the quality of some items as soon as you use them. You don’t need to be a guru to understand.

Textures are one of the main points to pass the feel of high quality. Most people can easily feel the softness, and your guests will feel it too. However, most moderate-priced Airbnb’s don’t pay attention to that.

To provide adequate comfort with minimal expenses and modifications:

  • High-quality bed sheets are essential because the number one reason they came into your Airbnb is a place to sleep. Don’t spend money on furniture if it is working fine. If you still want to add some furniture and have money, go for the textures that will clean easily, like vinyl, leather, or microfiber.
  • Self-cleaning and anti-bacterial towels are the perfect long-term and high-quality investments in Airbnb. Just like the bedsheets, towels shouldn’t feel musty and odors.
  • Spend your money on fixing things, not buying new stuff.
tips for airbnb hosts

The last but most important one is to plan the interior of your Airbnb to get more people to stay in. Don’t forget that BnB means bed and breakfast. The people are looking for a place to sleep most of the time, not spending their entire time in your Airbnb.

I am not talking about changing the plan of a 2 people room into 4. I am simply saying that if you have extra room rather than using it as a study or another living room, you should change it to a bedroom. You should 100% do it. Then you can increase the price.

Buying a couch that can transform into a bed is another excellent way Airbnb hosts can consider adding another sleeping area.

5-Star Sleep Equals 5-Star Reviews

If we don’t sleep well on vacation, the whole things are off.  A comfortable bed is equal to healthy sleep. You need to get up on a beautiful morning without a stiff shoulder.

I don’t even remember coming across 5-star hotels with uncomfortable bed mattresses or bedsheets.

Changing your mattress can be over your budget. However, you can use mattress pads to soften the feeling of the bed, and matching it with high-quality bedsheets will help you even better than buying a new mattress.

Bedsheets are the quickest way for guests to feel the quality of your BnB.

airbnb host tips
airbnb host tips and tricks

The ideal number of bedsheets you need in an Airbnb is 3 for a bed. These are required to be the same. One is for laying the bed, and the other two are for replacement.

What are the features of good bedsheets for Airbnb hosts?

The fabrics you should work with are Pima or Supima cotton. These are higher-end versions of cotton. The bedsheets made from Supima or Pima cotton are softer and durable than traditional cotton. Supima cotton can only grow in the USA and is the softest and durable cotton material. Therefore, a combination of cotton and sateen is the best bed sheet material for most people’s opinion.

You need bedsheets that require less laundry. If you go for cheap alternatives, probably in 3-4 months, the texture will lose itself and feel harder because of the laundry. Most importantly, your guests will feel like they have been used for decades, and nobody wants to handle it.

Do prefer anti-bacterial bedsheets to ensure that no more odors.

You don’t need crazy patterns or colors; instead, you need to pick light and solid colors in your bedsheets. The color white has psychological feelings on people that the cleanliness. This is the same reason why hotel beds always have white sheets. Another reason is the guests can recognize how clean your sheets are if your use light and solid colors; otherwise, they don’t even feel even if you have clean ones.

You can find a set of towels, bedsheets, and pillowcases or a bundle like this one and save some money.

Declutter Personal Stuff

Too much personal stuff in an Airbnb house can disturb the guests. If you want to use your house as a vacation rental, you can’t use this house as your second house or store the stuff you don’t want to throw away.

I know some homeowners who have turned their Airbnb’s into storage space. They stack the things in their vacation rental rather than throwing them away, such as old and creepy decorative items or extra clothing, shoes. You shouldn’t do that.

And some of the Airbnb hosts decorate with too many personal items like photos. It would be best if you remembered that nobody wants to feel like staying in somebody’s home, sleeping in somebody’s bedroom, or using their kitchen.

airbnb decor
airbnb decor ideas

Going for minimalist decor in your Airbnb rental is the perfect solution for hosts to avoid this dilemma. First, try to get rid of everything that guests don’t need. If you can’t decide how to do that, ask one of your friends to come and help you evaluate the things in the guest’s eyes.

One more tip, after the decluttering process, you can add fake plants, fluffy pillows, and a blanket to make your home cozier.

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Rework on Your Airbnb Page

Do you think your occupancy rates are low? What is the problem? Is it be your profile? Yes, your Airbnb page can decrease or increase your occupancy rates.

What needs to be changed?

First, you should rewrite your title. The title and the cover photo are two main reasons people don’t even click to check on your Airbnb. So you should be clear in your title statement.

What’s the benefit of staying in your home? Is it near local attractions or a subway?

You should definitely add all the benefits of your Airbnb in the title. For example, “Brooklyn Apartment for 8 People You can Walk to Subway and arrive Manhattan in 30 min” rather than just writing “Brooklyn Apartment 3 room”. 

It’s time to reshot the photographs of your Airbnb. The photographs should be taken seriously as an Airbnb host. You should place the best photo as a cover, and guests should fall in love at first sight.

Photography Tips for Airbnb Hosts

The house which has the best photos always shine among others. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take 5-6 great shots. 

For those who want to learn a few tips, I can make some recommendations to get the best result:

  • Let as much light as possible.
  • Get in the corner and take a shot at all four corners of a room. Tight yourself in the corner and shoot with a straight arm.
  • You can create an Instagrammable space for the guest and use it in your photographs. Creating a gallery wall or finding an exciting wallpaper can become a popular background for those who love to use Instagram.
airbnb tips and tricks
airbnb tips for hosts

What to do Before Guests Arrives

Your Airbnb needs some standards, and as a host, this is your duty. If you engage with your guests, they will probably be more likely to leave a comment and review.

So how can you do this even if you are not meet them face to face? It’s easy, and you have to make them feel you care.

Here are a couple of tips:

  • As an Airbnb host, you can either leave the fridge empty or fill it with a couple of items that make them smile when they enter. The essential things like water if a must. In addition, you can place a bottle of white wine, soda, or something special in your location. If you have a budget, you should do that with a cute note like “Bon Appetite”, “Wish you a Great Vacation” placed in your fridge.
  • You can create a list of favorite places near your home on a brochure or just a piece of paper and help them walk around like a local. For example, you can use Canva to create a list and add your favorite breakfast place or shopping area.
  • If you have house rules or something couldn’t allow in the area, you should also add them to your list and warn them.
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airbnb checklist for host

These little details will make them feel like you are a host they knew and appreciated. They will talk about your home to others and help your business attract more people.

If you make plans and change the things you do wrong after reading these recommendations, your reviews will be increased. I know that these are the things that you can make your guests smile and love your place. After that, you will give them a reason to become regular.

Comment below and share with us; what do you think you did wrong as an Airbnb host?

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