transitional living room inspiration

Transitional Living Room Inspiration: Classic Style Meets the Contemporary

I am enthusiastic about showing you this modern yet has classic lines transitional style living room.

It is time for another home tour inspiration, but this time it is one of the projects I worked on with Beige Interior for almost a year, and it is nearly done.

In this living room, everything is custom-made, from furnishing to lighting to make a unique home design for our customers.

This is a large living room space, so dividing it into different areas will make it cozy and usable for different occasions.

There are two different sitting areas. The first one is designed more casual for watching tv, relaxing, and lots of storage space.

You can recognize the built-in bookshelf and some hidden storage next to the tv station. To hang the tv between these storages, we had to make a metal construction to secure it.

Here are some before and after images;

Transitional Living Room before
Transitional style living room before
Transitional Living Room
Transitional Style Decorating
Modern Transitional Living Room
Transitional Living Room Furniture

We used 3 layers of lighting to add drama and functionality into a transitional style living room.

First, you can easily see the accent lightings in the built-in bookcase. Another accent lighting is the spotlights over the wall behind the sofa, which we will hang an art piece later.

The color palette in this transitional style living room is the same, but the primary colors change throughout different zones.

You will see the domination of lighter hues selected by the house color palette in the tv area. We strengthened the area with darker details, such as the black line in the sofa’s armrest.

When you see the fireplace area (below), you will immediately feel the contrast of light and dark hues using in this living room.

Living Room Before
Bookmatched Marble Fireplace
Bookmatched Marble
Bookmatched Marble Fireplace Decor
Living Room Transitional Style
Transitional Style Living Room Furniture Ideas
Transitional Style Living Room Furniture Details

Design Details

This fireplace area use for more formal occasions. For example, gathering around the fireplace for special events and entertaining the guest is perfectly doable.

As soon as you walk into that area, the fireplace is stealing the show. The book-matched marble looks stunning and in harmony with the color palette and materials.

In addition, the brass detail on the ceiling is perfectly paired with the book-matched marble fireplace. 

The color contrast between the two seating areas is obvious. Also, the colors are helping us to create a different feeling between these spaces as formal and casual.

You can notice the material that we use in these furniture pieces are also different in two seating area.

The furniture in the tv space was made of material that primarily uses cotton, and in the fireplace area, we used leather and microfiber fabrics that feel formal.

Furniture pieces in the living room are a great example of a combination of contemporary and classic.

They have a classic line but a modern color palette and textures, which is made them perfect transitional style furniture pieces.

This modern living room space was floored with beige marble (picture below) with a combination of black marble in the borders. Rather than using a polished finish, we used a matte finish to modernize the material.

Living Room Dining Area Before
Neutral Marble
Transitional Style Living Room Furniture
Transitional Living Room Dining Area

Dining Area

There would be a shame if we did not make any space for dining. The customers wanted to use this living room to entertain and dine with their guests most of the time.

The leather dining chairs with the mid century modern bubble chandelier on top of the 8 people large marble dining table is carried all the vibe into the dining space in this transitional living room.

As soon as the details are finished, I will share the images with you guys. I hope you love what we do.

You can check on the other spaces in this house, like bedrooms and bathrooms, because this is not just a living room project. This was a whole-house project.

Do not hesitate to make any comments, and I will be more than happy to hear your thoughts. You can follow me on Pinterest to learn some design tricks and get inspired every day.

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