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What Transitional Style Is and How to Decorate Your Home with It

Transitional style can be described as a happy marriage of Traditional and Contemporary design styles.

This happy marriage gives birth to this chic interior design style. It is an updated version of the classic style.

Transitional is a style that can be described as classic, timeless, and uncomplicated. It is easy peasy.

Yes, you heard me. If transitional is your style, relax and let me do the work for you!

The transitional style is one of the most popular and most requested interior design styles today.

When decorating Transitional style rooms, there are two different ways to approach the furniture selection for any space:

  • Mix Traditional and Contemporary pieces together.

For instance, you may have a contemporary style dining table; you can confidently mix it with traditional dining chairs.

From a different perspective, you can easily use a traditional style sofa with contemporary style sling chairs together.

  • Use furniture that has been designed as Transitional.

Option number one is a perfect way for those of you who have already defined a design style (traditional or contemporary) and want to create or change the whole atmosphere to a Transitional interior style.

You will need to add or replace some pieces in your room, and voilà, now you have a timeless transitional style in your home.

You can check the Transitional Interior Style for more ideas.

For those who want to choose new transitional pieces, don’t go anywhere. I will continue describing Transitional furniture pieces and explain how you can recognize them as soon as you see them.

Transitional Style Furniture Pieces

Similar to contemporary pieces, Transitional furniture has simple silhouettes. However, you will see more curved lines in addition to straight lines.

A combination of curved and straight lines results in Transitional furniture becoming the perfect fusion of both masculine and feminine energy.

This combination creates a very comfortable environment for either gender, as this may be why Transitional is one of the most popular styles today.

For Transitional pieces, designers took the Traditional pieces and simplified them to create a contemporary version of it.

They did this to almost all of the Traditional pieces to make beautiful updated versions.

  • Seating

Tufting is a common feature used on Transitional style furniture.

Some Transitional style seating options are Lawson style sofas, swoop armchairs or sofas, and ottomans, which can also be used as extra seating.

Transitional Style
Contemporary pieces

Nailhead trim is another common design element that you will see on Transitional furniture.

Accessorize your Transitional Style Home
  • Coffee Tables

Coffee tables can be made from wood variations or a wood base with a marble top. Other options are metal with a glass top or even a large ottoman.

All of these options will work in a Transitional style living room.

  • Color Schemes and Materials

The Transitional style primarily uses neutral colors for its color palettes.

Unlike the Contemporary style, Transitional focuses more on warm neutrals. This includes beige, taupe, cream, khaki, and all shades of brown.

Bright colors in hues are generally used in areas like artwork, pillows, and accessories.

Coffee Table

You need to use more texture in decorating your room to create an exciting, dynamic space.

For hard surfaces, wood, stone, glass, mirrors, steel, marble, and chrome are your materials to represent the Transitional style.

It is the softer surfaces that bring Transitional space to life with more color choices. Try to incorporate classics like cotton, linen, and wool and add leather, silk, and suede.

Decorate Your Furniture

 Accessorize Your Transitional Style Home

Home accessories are an essential key to incorporate any style into any room. Choosing your accessories within your style is one of the most important ways to feel your interior style overall.

  • Patterns

The Transitional style isn’t known for its use of patterns, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use them.

You can use one or maybe two in your room, but using them as an accent rather than as the star of your room is a better idea.

Where do you think that you could throw in some patterns?

Well, to start, you could use some throw pillows that have interesting patterns on them, or you can choose to incorporate a patterned wallpaper in your Transitional style room.

I recommend arabesque patterns, stripes, herringbone, or more traditional ones like floral with an abstract look for a pattern choice.

  • Rugs

Rugs are essential for decorating your room, and, of course, you can go with wool, silk, or a natural fiber rug.

Your rug can have a beautiful pattern on it. However, if you want to use patterns on your rug, that needs to be the only pattern in your room.

  • Window Coverings

Unlike Contemporary style, you need to use window coverings in the Transitional style.

Specifically, you can use simple drapery panels with a traditional feature like pinch pleat or hobbled roman shades.

If you want to create a more elegant look, use silk or velvet drapes.

For a more casual look, go with cotton or linen.

  • Decorate Your Furniture

Transitional is a pared-down style when it comes to accessories.

When you are decorating your furniture (bookshelves, coffee table, etc.), either use one stunning piece or a coordinating collection of two or three items.

For instance, on the console table, you could have a beautiful bowl on one end and a trio of vases on the other end.

Color Scheme and Materials

Where Can You Find Transitional Interior Design Pieces?

Because this style is so popular today, there are many home furnishing stores where you can discover Transitional style furniture.

Check out Z Gallerie and Crate and Barrel for furniture.

For your decorative items, has excellent options for your Transitional home accessories.

Transitional style home can be budget-friendly, but you can also spend some money here on your furnishings. In my opinion, the Transitional style is reasonably priced.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below. Your questions will help others too.

 I am more than happy to help answer your questions! Happy decorating! 

What do you think about Transitional style? Did you like it or not?

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September 9, 2020 18:06

Hi Elif, I have two built in book cases that are on each side of a fire place that I am struggling to fill in. Do you have any tips or suggestions for decorating book cases for a transitional and eclectic home?

Much love!