Urban Modern Interiors

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Urban Modern Interiors: How to Bring into Your Home

Urban modern interiors (also refers to as Urban Industrial) consist of a beautiful combination of three significant, core design styles Industrial, Mid Century Modern, and Contemporary.

I always encourage the use of more than one interior design style in your interiors, mixing metals and different wood finishes.

This style has been taken shape after combining the best elements of cohesive interior styles, and everybody realized that it is working.

I believe we will see lots of other design styles be formed, just as Urban Modern did.

Today’s Urban Modern is among the most popular design styles. Urban industrial has a cool, cosmopolitan vibe. All the cool kids are doing it, most of the new buildings are doing it.

You may not hear of it, but you will soon, and I am sure that you are already familiar with this style.

Let me share some tips to make your job easier if you want to use the Urban Modern style in your home.

Furniture Pieces which Defines Urban Modern Style

I want to give you a clear perspective of how you can combine furniture pieces from different styles to make your room feel Urban Modern.

Urban Modern borrows from the best features that contemporary style furniture pieces have offered. What are these features?

      • Large ScaleSimple Lines
      • Low Profile
      • More Straight than Curved

Seatings are generally can have either no exposed frame like a large fully upholstered corner sofa, which is so contemporary or have exposed frames or legs of wood or steel. 

Urban Modern Furniture
Urban Modern Furniture Pieces

Urban Modern is a style that can allow us to use some retro pieces selected from Mid Century Modern furniture like Panton Chair or Jacobsen Egg Chair.

To decorate an Urban Modern living room, you can definitely incorporate open and airy coffee tables.

Coffee tables are often constructed of a metal base with a glass or wood tabletop or wood base with a glass top.

You can decide on using coffee tables in any shape, such as round, square, or interesting organic shapes. Organic forms like tree trunks we see in Mid Century Modern style are all accepted.

Urban Modern Living Room

It is wise to choose auxiliary furniture pieces which look like your coffee table. For example, your bookcase can have a metal frame with wood shelves or a wood frame with glass shelves.

There is an ethnic vibe going on in Urban modern living rooms and bedrooms. Using a decent amount of tribal prints will ensure that ethnic vibe in your Urban Modern decor.

Using decorative elements such as Mexican woven baskets, African masks, or hand-carved wood sculptures will add an ethnic vibe to your room.

Lighting Options

Light fixtures of an Urban Modern interior design are an interesting design element. Because of the various options, you can go in many different directions.

You can borrow from the Industrial style and use exposed Edison bulbs as your pendant lighting or floor lamps.

If you want your room to look more glamorous, you can use a crystal chandelier.

Track lightings are so common to use in Contemporary style, so you can confidently work with them if you want your interior space to feel more contemporary.

If you have a big space, oversized light fixtures are perfect to create drama in Urban Modern style.

Urban Modern Light Fixture Ideas
Urban Modern Style Light Fixture Ideas
Urban Modern Lighting Ideas

Urban Modern Bedroom Style

Low-profile furniture pieces are definitely carried into Urban Modern bedrooms as well. You will see platform beds as the most common type.

If you want to decorate an Urban Modern bedroom make sure to use cotton, linen, and wool as soft materials. You can place wool rug, cotton throw pillows, and linen bed sheets.

You can create a gallery wall in your bedroom using black or silver frames with large white mats.

Urban Modern Bedroom

Interior Color Schemes

To decorate your home with any interior style, you need to learn the most used colors, color palettes of the style. If you know that, your decisions have become much more manageable.

Urban modern interior color palettes are not towards to nor warm or cool. It is a perfect combination of both warm and cool colors.

How to combine warm and cool colors equally in an Urban Modern home?

Generally, floors, walls, and some of the main furniture pieces will be neutral in color. Predominantly black, white, and grey. Just keep in mind that beige is not the popular ones.

Much more like a Contemporary interior style, urban industrial spaces also love to throw some bright colors into space.

Deep red colors, mustard yellow, and navy are the colors that will work well with the hard materials. I want to remind you that this style loves to expose materials everywhere, just like an industrial style.

Any kind of wood finishes and metal fixtures are welcome in Urban Modern decor.

Urban Modern Living Room Ideas

Urban Modern Kitchen Style

I want to give some ideas for those who want to use Urban Modern as their kitchen style:

      • Flat-panel kitchen cabinets are great for add a Contemporary vibe
      • Polished wood grain, espresso brown, or a mid-tone grey are great to use in cabinets.
      • For the backsplash, go with a polished tile.
      • For the countertop, butcher block or stainless steel will work perfectly.
      • Consider using open shelves and a hanging pot rack.
Urban Modern Kitchen

Where to Buy Urban Modern Decor Elements?

If you live in the US, I know that you can undoubtedly find some Urban Modern pieces in:

To put an urban twist on your decorative accessories, look for original pieces. The best places to find this type of art are your local art fairs, or maybe you can find in college campuses from the undiscovered artist. 

Urban Modern is a style that can suit every budget.

So if you want to decorate your home with Urban Modern style, now you know everything you need. So why don’t you start decorating?

If I missed anything, or you need anything, please comment and notify me! Happy decorating creative people.

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