Coffee Table Decor Challenge

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Coffee Table Decor Idea that Works Every Single Time

Are you ready to modernize your coffee table decor? Here is an idea that works every single time and applicable for all types of coffee tables.

Before I start explaining the idea, I want you to consider this article as a challenge. I challenge you to use the concept and change your coffee table because I am sure that you will love the result.

Check out these before and after pictures below, and let’s start.


What do you think? It is working, right?

First things first, picking the right accessories for your coffee table.

You need to know that I didn’t buy any new items to make this work. I just reconsider all the items in the house and create unique compositions.

Matching accessories well may be hard if you don’t have collections of accessories or matching pairs. However, there are some easy tips if you want to group accessories.

Use the same colors, theme, or purpose to create beautiful accessory groups.

I started with choosing accessories. To do this, I put all the accessories on the coffee table, which I think will look good on my decor.

Accessories for Coffee Table
Accessories for Coffee Table Decor

Now it is your turn, look around and gather all the accessories you think will fit perfectly on your coffee table.

The reason you should do this is that you are already familiar with your home accessories.

However, when you look at them in one place, all together, you will be able to find new and unique combinations easily.

Mimic Your Coffee Table Shape

Let’s start decorating your coffee table.

The idea I mentioned is to mimic the shape of your coffee table. This works for round, rectangular, or any shape and any size coffee table.

The Coffee Table

Here is a coffee table I am decorating. It is a rectangular shape.

I will think of a smaller size rectangular in the middle and decorating that particular area.

Coffee table with tray
Coffee Table Decor Ideas
Decorating a Coffee Table
Coffee Table Decor Mimic The Shape

The best way to mimic the shape is to use a tray. If you want to use a tray, it needs to be the same shape as your coffee table.

I found a rectangular tray but not large enough to use just the tray as my coffee table decor. I place two large items to balance the weight visually.

The best thing about using a tray is you can place any items inside the tray, and objects will look cohesive even if they don’t have similarities.

Table Decor
Coffee Table Decor with Tray
How to Accessorize Coffee Table
Cofee Table Ideas

Look at the other coffee table decor pictures below. These are created by using different objects but using the same idea, mimicking my coffee table’s shape.

Glass Vase on Coffee Table

In the composition, I used glass objects dominantly. Using the same materials is one of the fail-safe approaches to group accessories.

When decorating round tables tray is a lifesaver. Rather than buying a bunch of new stuff, just a tray that mimics your table’s shape is the easiest and effective solution to your coffee table decor.

Using a tray is not a must unless you have a round coffee table. I don’t want you to think that you need a tray to use this idea.

The Coffee Table
Decor Graphic for Coffee Table
Furniture Decor Ideas
Coffee Table

You can create beautiful coffee table decorations even if you don’t want to use a tray. Just keep in mind that the shape of your table can guide you through.

Now you will be able to create a coffee table decor that will look perfect every single time.

Of course, there are different techniques or ideas for coffee table decor, but I think this is the most practical one.

Do you want to see this idea on different coffee tables? Or why don’t you try this out on your table and send me some pictures?

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