How To Choose The Best Bathroom Light Fixtures For Your Bathroom

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How To Choose The Best Bathroom Light Fixtures For Your Bathroom

Choosing bathroom light fixtures as a home decor enthusiast is a challenging task. There are task lights, there are light bulbs, and then there are ambient light fixtures. With so many possibilities, choosing the ideal fixtures for your bathroom could be complicated. However, light fixtures not only help define a space, but they also help create ambiance and set the mood you desire.

Light from the sun illuminating the bathroom is not enough on its own most of the time. It has to complement the existing bathroom fixtures for its aesthetic appeal and functional use, both of which I’ll discuss in this post. 

For many of us, the bathroom is typically the most under-appreciated room in the home. This has several reasons:

  • It’s a smaller space than most other rooms.
  • It’s often cramped.
  • It doesn’t get under-the-radar styling attention like master bedrooms or kitchens.

However, bathrooms are the “ultimate place for good lighting”. The proper lighting can truly give off a designer look and feel that’s inviting. So if you’re looking for ways to make your bathroom look classy and stylish, then you’re in the right place. 

light fixtures for the bathroom

It’s time to give your bathroom a facelift — how do you replace all of the light fixtures? This can be such a daunting task for many people. Not only do you need to consider décor and budget, but you also want to ensure you’re choosing the correct wattage for all your lighting needs. If this isn’t enough, there are probably other things that need replacing too. Just the thought of it can make one’s head spin! I hear you — let us help!

But before you pick the right fixture, you need to know your options. In this article, I will cover the most popular bathroom light fixture types, their pros and cons, and how to find the one tailored to your needs.

Let’s explore some options with some balance between beauty and function.

The Types of Light Fixtures for Bathrooms

You need to work with at least 2 layers of lighting for the bathroom, which are ambient lighting (central light fixture) and task lighting (light fixture for a specific task).

Overhead lights for ambient, such as semi-flush and flush mount light fixtures, are the solution for most people as bathroom light fixtures. However, if you have enough ceiling height, you can use chandeliers, which will be the star piece of the bathroom.

After deciding on your ambient lighting, next is task lighting. Most people are made the mistake of using just one layer of lighting, which is not enough. As your secondary light, you have 3 options that I personally work with in bathroom designs: pendant lights, sconces, and backlit mirrors.

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How to Find the Right Size Light Fixtures for Your Bathroom

So far, you should have decided on two different types of light fixtures for the bathroom we discussed above. However, you can change your mind if you figure out the correct sizes are not fitting your bathroom.

Let’s start with the wall sconces. We will also dig deeper into where you should place your bathroom light fixtures, but I think we all have in mind the one place for wall sconces: the side of your mirrors. In that case, choose a scone size of roughly 1/3 of your mirror height.

For all the ambient lights, whether a chandelier or flush mount, you can use one simple technique: add the room’s length and width, then consider it as inches. The number you found is the size you should be working. However, you can go between 3 inches up or down that number.

I almost forgot the pendant light because I don’t use any technique when deciding the size of the pendants for bathroom light fixtures. However, you can’t use large pendant lights; you need to look for small pendant lights on the market. Consider the space you have and ensure that the light is not large.

light fixture in bathroom

Ideal Placements for Bathroom Light Fixtures

When placing wall sconces, ensure the bottom of the sconce shade should be right about your eye level. This will ensure that you won’t see the bulb in the mirror. It is essential because it can cause eye fatigue.

Some of you may ask me,‘ What about if I have different heights in my family?’. In that case, I would tell you that forget the wall scones and use a light bar over the mirror or a backlit mirror. This will help you avoid a bad lighting situation for your family members.

The best way to install wall sconces is 36-40 inches (90-100 cm) apart from each other on either side of the mirror. If you have a small space, you can go less. However, fewer than 28 inches (70 cm) can destroy your bathroom ambiance. In that case, use just one wall sconce rather than two to make sure you don’t overlight.

Light fixtures for bathroom
black light fixture bathroom

Another alternative is to use pendant lights in the bathroom. However, this is a more modern way to use lighting in the bathroom. If you don’t want your bathroom light fixtures to look more contemporary, consider other options.

When you are looking for a bathroom light fixture 2 things are critical to making your light fixture match your bathroom style:

For those who want to place a chandelier in their bathroom, the prettiest place is to hang it above a bathtub. But even so, it is not the safest place, and you need to check your state code (for those living in the U.S.) to ensure it isn’t illegal. 

You can also hang your ambient lighting in the middle of your bathroom. Just be sure that the bottom of your bathroom light fixture is at least 7 feet (2.13m) from the floor.

bathroom lights
ceiling light bathroom

Some of the Best Places You Can Find Quality Light Fixtures

When I shop for specific items like light fixtures, the best way is to find a manufacturer. If you buy directly from a manufacturer, you will get the best quality cause they have proven themselves and they become a master of producing that item. 

You should check on LNC Home, Lamps Plus, and Shade of Light. These are the companies you can find Hand-made quality light fixtures and some of the largest lighting retailers.

I really love searching and finding quality stores on Etsy. For example, there is an Etsy store called MODCREATION Studio. They are lighting manufacturers. I found tonnes of different styles of light fixtures with unique designs. So you better check on their store and be inspired.

Bathroom lighting fixtures are one of the most neglected parts of a home redesign. How many of us actually take the time to purchase the proper lighting for our bathrooms? Instead, most of us usually settle for whatever we find in the store.

While it might be easy to view bathroom lighting as an afterthought or “just something that lights up the bathroom,” it’s a far more nuanced subject than you think. In truth, the right fixtures can genuinely enhance your space and improve your experience with your bathroom, so choosing them well is an absolute must.

Hopefully, from this post, you have learned what some of the key aspects are in choosing the best bathroom light fixtures for your personal situation. By reviewing the various features, pros, and cons of these choices, you can better understand how they might fit into your home.

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