6 Timeless Mid-Century Modern Accent Chairs With An Affordable Price Point

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6 Timeless Mid-Century Modern Accent Chairs With An Affordable Price Point

If you are afraid that your expensive chair will go out of style, you should check on these iconic mid-century modern accent chairs.

These accent chairs are older than most of us and still look stunning since existence.

Most of us want a stylish home with iconic furniture pieces, but the budget doesn’t usually serve our wishes. Mid-century modern pieces are so iconic there are lots of replicas on the internet, and most people prefer them.

Of course, there are some pros and cons of buying replicas. The first thing that came to my mind, the quality will not be the same. However, we can only expect the same quality for products with thousands of dollar differences in our dreams.

After reading these, you will distinguish bad replicas from good ones of these iconic mid-century chairs. In addition, you will be aware of the original prices and excellent replicas at affordable prices.

Modern Womb Accent Chair & Ottoman

Best Mid Century Modern Accent Chairs
Best Mid Century Modern Accent Chairs and Ottoman
Best Mid Century Modern Accent Chair
Best Mid Century Accent Chairs

Womb chair is one of the iconic mid-century modern accent chairs from 1948. This chair is designed to sit however you like. You can easily pull in your knees and rest your leg on the chair.

The original Womb chair has plenty of leg options, but it should be tubular steel. Black paint, polished gold, and chrome legs are the options in the original piece.

There are various upholstery options available in the original Womb accent chair.

The price for this iconic mid-century modern accent chair starts at $4.300 for the chair only. If you want to buy the original chair with an ottoman, you need to pay at least $5.500.

It is a lot of money for most of us. However, the chair is so iconic you can find a quality replica Womb chair for around $1699 and an ottoman at $499.

The most popular colors of this chair are indigo blue and leather. ( which is a popular color and material in mid-century modern interiors).

Barcelona Chair

mid century modern barcelona chair
barcelona chair
mid century modern leather chair and ottoman
barcelona daybed

Barcelona chair is one of the most recognizable mid-century modern furniture and an icon of the modern movement since 1929. If you are slightly interested in interior design, you will probably be familiar with this chair.

Barcelona chair has a significant impact on changing any room’s feel to modern elegance.

The Barcelona collection has other furniture pieces such as Barcelona daybed, Barcelona sofa, Barcelona bench, and Barcelona ottoman. These iconic pieces are easy to match with any other furniture piece and will shine among them anyway.

The price range for the original Barcelona chair (without an ottoman) changes from $6700 to $8800. You can find the original Barcelona collection pieces in Knoll. They have been manufacturing the pieces since the collection was designed.

These prices are very high for most of us, but you can definitely look for quality replicas.

3 things to consider before buying a replica Barcelona chair:

  • The frame should be polished chrome.
  • The fabric should be leather.
  • You should check the original color range of the chair on the website.

If you check on these three things before you buy any replica chair, you will ensure that the chair’s look will be as similar as it can be.

The black color is the most preferred choice for all the Barcelona collections.

You can check on this replica Barcelona collection, and you can find a Barcelona chair replica starting price of $799. That is an affordable price.

Mid-Century Modern Lounge Chairs

Mid Century Modern Lounge Chair Leather
Mid Century Modern Chairs Leather
LC4 Mid Century Modern Lounge Chair Leather
LC4 Mid Century Modern Chair Leather

If you want to feel mid-century style in your home, you should have at least one lounge chair. You can use it in your family room or bedroom. Wherever you place it, the lounge chair is so comfortable.

The most iconic mid-century lounge chairs are Eames Lounge Chair, LC4 Chaise Lounge, and Hans J Wegner Flag Halyard Chair.

These mid-century lounge chairs’ original prices start at $7000. On average, you can find excellent quality replica lounge chairs for $1400 to $2100.

Hans J Wegner Shell Chair

Mid Century Leather Accent Chair
Mid Century Leather and Walnut Accent Chair
Quality Accent Chairs
Mid Century Leather Chair

One of the most iconic mid-century chairs is the Shell chair. A leather seat and a shape that supports you all around make the chair extremely comfortable.

When the good designs meet the functionality and comfort, like in the Shell chair, it has no choice but to become an icon.

When you are looking for the Shell chair, you should be aware that:

  • The structure should be wood (preferably walnut)
  • The proportion should have balanced horizontally and vertically
  • The fabric should be leather.

You can find great Shell chair replicas starting at $999.

Jacobsen Egg Chair

Mid Century Modern Accent Chair
Mid Century Modern Accent Chair Leather
Jacobsen Egg Chair Mid Century
Jacobsen Egg Chair Mid Century Modern

Egg chair feels like it doesn’t belong to our world. I’m still amazed that this chair was designed in 1958. The egg chair’s modern design helps the chair become one of the classics of accent chairs. 

The egg chair has no one actual color. Instead, there are lots of color and fabric options. So you can find this mid-century modern chair in leather and fabric options.

This is a great chair to add an accent color to your room. 

The most significant feature of the egg chair is its seafoam upholstery. If you want an original Jacobsen egg chair, you should be willing to pay $8500.

You can find an excellent replica egg chair with various colors and fabric options starting at $1549.

How to Identify Mid-Century Modern Accent Chairs

Mid-century accent chairs
Mid-Century Modern Accent Chairs
mid century modern style accent chair
mid century style chair

There are lots of iconic mid-century modern accent chairs with famous names. However, there are many mid-century modern-style chairs without well-known names.

To recognize mid-century modern chairs, you need to know some common features. I want to share these standard features with you.

So, you will realize that the armchair you were looking for was influenced by the mid-century modern style.

Here are the 3 qualities that mid-century chairs have:

  • Splayed, hairpin, or tapered leg types
  • Fully visible frames (usually wooden)
  • Curved and organic lines

You can find accent chairs with these features in any online furniture retailer with affordable price points. 

To sum up, if you don’t have the budget for the original iconic mid-century accent chairs, you can definitely find good-quality replicas at an affordable price point.

If you want to buy a replica chair that looks like the original chair, you now know what you need to look for.

Are you ready to make a statement in your interior space with these iconic mid-century modern accent chairs?  

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