3 Helpful Kitchen Updates for Scandinavian Style Interior Design

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3 Helpful Kitchen Updates for Scandinavian Style Interior Design

Are you ready to make some changes to your kitchen style for Scandinavian interior design?

You might be thinking that “It is not easy to change your existing interior design styles,” I am sorry, but you are wrong.

I know some helpful ideas to update your kitchen to a minimalist, calm and pure, Scandinavian style interior design.

It might be hard to make significant changes to live minimalist. We will take it slow, and I will help you go through this feeling.

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Let’s get started with these 3 primary steps.

But first I have some suggestions for those who want to go all-in and renovate their kitchen with Scandinavian style interior design;

  • The first thing I would do is changing my cabinets to white flat paneled kitchen cabinets with chrome hardware. 
  • Don’t forget to use stainless steel appliances in your kitchen designs.
  • For countertops, using solid-colored stones in gray or black, and combining it with white subway tiles for the backsplash, you will be able to achieve the Scandinavian look you want.
Scandinavian Kitchen style

#1 Declutter, Declutter, Declutter!


I will say the word one more time, ‘Declutter.’ 

This word is going to be your answer in every situation you have conflict in your mind.

Here is the hard part for those who say “I will need it one day” and stocking up the pieces, which will never be needed.

You need to run through everything in your kitchen and start throwing away. Ask yourself,” Did you use it in the past year?” if the answer is no, you probably don’t need it.

I am not a wrong person who said to throw your stuff away. If it sounds like this, let me explain it to you.

Using negative space wisely is an important design choice to create Scandinavian design style interiors.

Creating negative space as much as possible is help you to create that minimalist and pure ambiance you are in love with Scandinavian style interior design.

Scandinavian design style kitchen

We need to tidy up your kitchen.

I don’t want to see anything on your countertop except while the times you are cooking.

If you are enough space to hide your extra things, that’s fine either.

To complete mission decluttering, you need to organize your open shelves and inside your transparent kitchen cabinets. (If you have one)

scandinavian kichen style design

Do you know what the good thing about reducing your stuff is? Making room for new ones. 🙂

If you have any doubts, then comment below that I can help you.

#2 Incorporate Iconic Scandinavian Design Style Elements


To adapt any interior design style with ease, add at least one piece of furniture, which is iconic in that interior design style.

If you have a dining table and chairs in your kitchen or you may have an open floor plan, we will change your seatings with the Scandinavian design style.

Here are some iconic pieces that you can confidently use to update your kitchen with Scandinavian design style;

  • Eames DWS Chair
  • Arne Jacobsen 7 chair
  • Wooden Bar Chairs
Eames DWS Chair
Eames DWS Chair
Wooden Bar Chairs
Wooden Bar Chairs

Simple drum pendants or a fun colored minimal light fixtures will be fit correctly to the overall Scandinavian ambiance.

It is not possible to skip the Hygge philosophy when designing Scandinavian interiors.

Hygge is all about creating cozy, warm environments for yourself, which will make you happy.

Let me introduce you to some elements to create coziness in your kitchens.

Candles are perfect for making any space cozier, and incorporating some plant with candles is enough to create the Hygge area in your kitchen.

scandinavian style interior design home elements
scandinavian style interior design home accessories

#3 Changing your Paint Colors


If we were trying to update your kitchen with another interior design style, I will probably not say change your paint colors.

However, we are trying to update your kitchen in the Scandinavian style as much as possible.

We already have so many existing colors in your kitchen, and I don’t know what those are. But, I know colors in Scandinavian style.

White color dominates the Scandinavian interior paint colors. The reason is to make the space as bright as possible to enlighten the darkest Scandinavian nights.

Black is another popular color in Scandinavian style interior design but as an accent color.

scandinavian style kitchen color palette

Decide what you need to create that minimalist look, or decluttered. 

You have 2 options;

  • Try to brighten up your space with using white color.
  • Go bold and dark if you want, and if you have a colorless kitchen.

Using tile effect wallpapers is in options too.

At the End

By applying these 3 steps and you are going to update your kitchen in Scandinavian interior design.

To achieve this, go over every step and think about your actions. In this process, looking at Scandinavian style interiors helps you imagine the result. 

Are you going to give it a chance?

If you have any question or need help, comment below, I am more than happy to help 🙂

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