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5 Easy Ways to Modify Your Kitchen with Genuine Industrial Style

I want to give you these 5 easy tips to change your kitchen atmosphere into an edgy, humble, and genuine Industrial Interior Style.

Changing your kitchen layout or design is not an easy job to do. However, I know some tricks to adapt any interior design styles into your home, which I am going to share with you.

Modifying needs some renovations. We are going to make these renovations budget-friendly as much as we can.

You know why? Because I don’t want you to wait or save some money to make it real. If it were like this, I would not say easy.

Follow this Industrial Interiors board to get inspired with lots of great ideas to use in Industrial kitchens, bedrooms, or living rooms.

Before we dig into these tips to modify your kitchen into an Industrial style, for those who want innovative construction work;

  • Flat-panel kitchen cabinetry doors are the key when designing an Industrial kitchen. You can use dark or light grey, light or dark wood tones, or even black in your kitchen cabinetry.
  • Another critical point is to use every material in matte, not polished. Raw and reclaimed materials are a perfect way to do that.
  • Concrete or marble countertops look great in Industrial kitchens.

#1 Add Iconic Industrial Style Lighting into your Kitchen


Edison style light bulbs have become so popular after Industrial style. Today, most of the light fixtures on the market have bulbs fully exposed.

Edison Style Light Bulbs
Edison Style Light Bulbs

Industrial light fixtures often use open cages as well.

For your Industrial kitchen ambient lighting, track lighting is such a popular choice as well.

Changing your kitchen lighting with one of those will create an instant Industrial vibe. So, make your choice.

I believe you will find the one that creates harmony with your kitchen.

Dumping your old light fixture and using some chic bulb is okay, either.

We want to see some raw materials in your kitchen. That is the whole point when designing with Industrial style.

Iconic Industrial Style Lighting Fixture for Kitchen

#2 Use Open Shelves


The industrial style always celebrates the material. So, using open shelves is a great way to expose your kitchen tools, materials.

Metal or wood open shelves are great choices. You may not want to change your upper cabinets into open shelves, but there is somewhere you can consider.

If you have an open floor plan, add your dinning area bookcase, which has a back X brace feature, and put your most stylish dinner service.

Kitchen Open Shelves Industrial Style Design Ideas

Just look at the picture above and imagine the white cabinetry instead of open shelves. That view will take it in a whole different interior design style.

I hope you found out more clearly why I insist on using open shelves into your Industrial style kitchen.

#3 Time to Change your Dining Chairs


The number one rule to mix any style with your existing interior design style is adding a piece of furniture that is iconic in that style.

Some furniture pieces are designed for particular interior design styles. These kinds of furniture pieces are what you need to change if you want to modify your design style.

This is the reason why they are iconic 🙂

In Industrial style design kitchens, cafes or restaurants most popular choices for seatings are;

  • Metal Swivel Bar Stools
  • Tolix Style Metal Side Chair

These are spot-on pieces for anyone who wants to decorate the Industrial style kitchen.

Tolix style Metal Side Chair
Tolix style Metal Side Chair

#4 Signature Colors, and Materials for Industrial Style

Colors and materials are the most significant features of the Industrial design style. Mostly, in industrial decors sticking to the original colors of the materials is what we do.

On the other hand, we aim to make changes to your existing kitchen decor.

So this part is more informative rather than a trick.

Stainless steel appliances are a must.

If you have a cool color scheme in your kitchen, iron and aluminum are a great example to cool colored metals. Try to incorporate some in your faucet, handle, or kitchen accessories.

Copper is the only warm color metal choice you have.

industrial style kitchen accessory decor

Industrial-style kitchen color palettes use many neutrals; many shades of greys, black, white, and many brown tones.

And also, there are some significant colors that you can use if your kitchen doesn’t have any color; brick red, burnt orange, dark green, and blue.

Speaking of brick, it is a significant element in Industrial interiors. Adding a brick image with wallpaper is a thinkableness idea for Industrial style kitchens.

Finally, if you already have primary colors in your kitchen, you can combine with industrial materials such as steel and use it in your kitchen. (example below)

Industrial Style Steel Chair

#5 Industrial Style Kitchen Accessories


Home accessories are a great way to adapt to the Industrial style, and it is also the cheapest way to do it.

I talked about the love between industrial style and materials over and over. Using these materials and picking your home accessories will be the right judgment.

Here is what we have; 

Place your countertop a decorative copper cups, so chic and believe me, drink with these cups always make me feel thrilled.

Copper Cup
Copper Cup
Copper Coffee Set
Copper Coffee Set

Do you remember that I mention using open cages into your light fixtures?

If you are willing to try that, make sure to incorporate it with a cage basket. Perfect balance.

wire basket

Other than that, you can add any home accessories has raw material pieces. 

Plants are essential for home decoration. I would say the cactuses or any succulent plant will perfectly fit in your industrial style kitchen modification.

Using concrete, ceramic, or any metal pots will okay.

That is it, guys. I hope you enjoy it while you are reading. Give it a shot and try some of these, when you see the difference, you want to go all-in. 🙂

Let me know if you have anything to ask, you can contact me here anytime. 

Is this article helpful for you? Or do you have any questions? Please feel free to comment below. I am more than happy to help you 🙂

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