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Why you Need Color Scheme for House and How to Create One

Did you ever create a color scheme for your house? You have to be a very talented person if you achieved your dream home without designing your house color palette.

Do you know why? Because there are too many paint options, too many color choices in furniture, and don’t even start thinking of home accessories. 

As a designer, I will get beaten by the design if I did not create a whole house color scheme.

There are some design tools, such as the color palette, to create cohesive home interiors. Knowing and using them will make huge differences.

Deciding the whole house color palette is a job that needs to be taken seriously and an effort. But if you do that one time job, it will continue to serve through your home decoration for years.

I want to share with you some tips to decide on your color choices easily. Then, learn how to apply your whole house color palette.

Finally, you may have a little bit of information overload in your head at that point. I want to clear them all and help you pull these all together.

 Before we start, go ahead and look at Color Schemes for Home to find your inspiration interiors.

house color schemes

# How to Pick the Right Colors for my House Color Scheme

There is more than one way to pick colors for your house.

If you want to start a renovation project (now or later), you better start by deciding your interior design style.

Once you find your soul interior design style, it will give you many color choices and materials to make sure you create harmonies house interiors.

If you already have an interior style going on in your home or you dont want to start a renovation project, I recommend you 2 things;


Define your fixed surfaces (floor,cabinets,tiles,window treatments,etc.) undertones. Knowing your home and furniture undertones will lead you to make the right choices in your color decisions.

If your undertones are warm, then creating warm color palettes will be fit perfectly to your house.


Define your home location. Is it face to North or South?

North facing homes will be colder than South facing houses throughout the year. So if your house a South facing and seeing high temperatures, you better work with some cool colors.

These are the same steps to choose the perfect interior paint colors. If you want to change your paint colors, this step-by-step guide will be beneficial for both choosing paint colors and color scheme for a house.

Deciding on color palettes

When you decide whether you want warm or cool colors in your home, the next step is choosing your neutrals. Neutral colors have to be the first color decisions in your home color palette.

Once you pick neutral, it will be great to add your existing interior colors (furniture, kitchen cabinets, or art piece you love its colors) you don’t want to change.

More or less, pick up 5-6 colors. Try to make several color schemes. Keep the neutrals and add different colors or change the neutrals (whatever you like).

After a couple of trials, you will find the color palette your hearts love.

Whole house color palette

# Learn How to Apply a Whole House Color Scheme

I assume that you have settled on your color schemes for the house.

I want to remind you that these color palettes will influence whole house color decisions. However, when designing a specific room, you can always add and change some of the colors.

Let’s clarify that these 3 to 5 colors in your palette are definitely not the only colors you will have. Other colors are going to be brought to space naturally.

You can use different accents for the other room in places like accessories, artwork, etc.

You should also include more than one shade or tint of your primary colors to add your space’s visual interest.

different shades and tints for home color palettes

Your flooring colors are not necessary to have in your color scheme. As we did in the first step, you should be aware of your fixed surfaces’ undertone.

If you have diverse flooring tones in your other rooms, then adding that undertone in places like a rug (to make your flooring cohesive) can be the right solution.

In a nutshell, the idea of creating a house color palette is to have the home feel cohesive.

The primary 3 to 5 colors that you have chosen will need to be repeated multiple times (at least three times) for the color scheme and the room to feel cohesive.

Learn to Create color schemes for home
Apply house color palette

# Pull it all together!

You may be wondering, how do I pull all of this information to create color schemes in my own house?

I will share with you some questions, and when you are answering them, it will help you make some decisions.

  • What type of room is this? (family, bedroom,etc.)

You have your whole house color scheme, but you need to be aware of some popular choices you may want to add to the specific room colors.

  • How do you want to feel when you are in this room?

The answer to that question will eliminate lots of different color choices. Color psychology will help you to add the mood you wanted to bring inside the room.

  • What is your favorite and least favorite color?

This is your home, your taste of style. Dont use the color that you dont like even if it feels like matching your color palette or seeing and like in somebody’s house.

And, always have room for your favorite color.

Write all that down, and try to create color palettes with the answers to these questions. It will give you a promising start-up and great for personalizing any space.

There is more than one way to achieve anything you want. If you’re going to create a color scheme for your house interior, I gave you more than one way.

So, now it is your turn to try all of these and make some unique palettes for your home. Starting something is to achieving half.

What else do you need to design your house color scheme?

Feel free to comment below, and I am happy to help.

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