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Console Table Decor Ideas to Succeed in 5 Easy Steps

Let me show you how easy to style a console table, buffet, or entryway table. There is a simple method to decorate any of them.

It doesn’t need to be hard as you think.

These are the tables that we need for functionality, enhancing storage, which matters most of the time. For me, entryway tables are a must.

Isn’t it great to have space when you enter your house to put all the items?

However, apart from functionality, these tables are an excellent opportunity to use some decor elements. You can absolutely try for a loud, excited, and powerful look.

console table
console table ideas

When people enter your house, your console table should tell the story of your home.

The easiest way to do this is to identify an interior design style and pick accessories representing your design style.

I will share the recipe to decorate any console table step-by-step, and if you follow the steps, there is no way you fail.

Let’s see what you need.

Rectangular Tray

Using a tray is an excellent way to collect fun accessories such as figurines, candles, or a bowl.

The tray is a decor element that has borders, and inside these borders you can use any objects you want. It helps to look cohesive.

So you can gather all the functional items you wanted to use in the tray.

I recommend using a rectangular tray on a console table. Because console tables’ shape is generally rectangular, mimicking your table’s shape will strengthen your decorations.

Some console tables have half ellipse surfaces. You can still use a rectangular tray rather than a round one.

If you want to use a round tray on your console table, just be careful about the size. Measure your table surface and ensure the proper size tray.

One of the things that a tray might work really well is if your console table in the entryway, and you can dump your keys in a tray as you come in the front door.

console table decor

Another helpful idea that I really like to use is to create a decorative item combination on a tray and use it on both your coffee table and console table.

Using a tray on coffee tables is so popular and looks great. Create a tray combination for your coffee table and when you need the space on your coffee table, place the tray on your console table in your living room.

With a tray arrangement, you will be as if decorating both of your tables.

Statement Lighting

Using statement lighting on console tables is a must. Do you know why?

Because the console tables are generally placed in the corner of a room layout, it is hard to lighten that space. Console tables are a great place to add ambient or focal lighting into a room.

If you have only one light fixture in your room, I harshly suggest you add lighting on your console table.

Especially use on entryway tables. Because the real problem of entrance halls is there is lack of light.

Isn’t it would be great when you enter the home, soft light coming from the background and it lights up your beautiful console table?

console table decor with statement lamp
console table decor ideas

Placing two light fixtures in the corners of a console table is an excellent idea if you want an elegant formal feeling throughout the room.

If this is not what you are looking try to find interesting contemporary light fixtures.

However, use only one bold and attractive light fixture. Don’t use symmetry when placing it and let it shine.

Something Round

Don’t forget to use round objects. It can be anything from a lamp base to a trinket or a vase.

Round objects are perfect for getting rid of simplicity. By adding a couple of round items, you can refresh your console table decor into exciting spaces.

Place a round vase on your console table and decorate it with fresh flowers. You can change the flowers by the season, and your table decor will adapt to any season immediately. 

ideas for console table decor
entryway table decor

Use the Space Below the Console Table

Usage of textured baskets, colorful stools, or ottomans underneath the table is so chic and trendy.

Adding one of these elements and using the space below your console table is an easy touch. However, if you can mix and match the decorative objects beautifully, this easy touch will look like a professional touch.

Entryway or entrance console tables are great to place ottomans underneath. This will help if you have no space to add any seating in your entrance hall.

Creating a seating area in an entryway is important. So, your console table can help you make a space for that.

I have a small apartment, and I can’t add more seating to my living room without making the space crowded.

I am thinking of adding 1 or 2 ottomans underneath my console table to add a couple of seating in my living room when my friends come in.

If you don’t have problems like small spaces or not enough seating area, you should use wicker baskets to create extra storage space.

Even if you don’t need storage, baskets look fantastic every single time.

wicker basket ideas for console table

Wall Art or Mirror

Which one will you use to hang over your console table? Mirror or wall art.

I want you to think about this carefully. Mirrors are a must in interior design for some places, such as the entrance.

When you go out of the home, you will need to look at the mirror, and when you come back, it is nice to look at a mirror to check yourself.

Entryway console tables are needed for a mirror (if you don’t have one in your entrance already).

Console tables in other rooms are the ones you need to decide.

Let me share with you which one do I prefer for every type of room.


In bedrooms, I like to use mirrors because the console tables are generally used as vanity desks.

Console tables in living rooms are a perfect space to add some wall art.

These tables help us define a zone in large walls, the area above console tables are your borders to create a beautiful gallery wall layout.

If you have a console table in the dining room, you should evaluate both options. Dining rooms are generally a small part of our living rooms. If this is your type, then use mirrors.

If you have a separate dining room, I suggest you use the big and bold wall arts.

After all of these, you need to decide on the feeling you wanted to create in that room.

If you need to create a casual vibe, lean the mirror or wall art to the wall on your console table.

Hanging the wall art on the wall is a way to make your room feel formal and elegant.

entrance table decor
console decor

Now you know the basic recipe to create unique console table decor, and these are the ingredients.

You can create entryway or console table decor by using only these 5 elements.

Check out these action lists. Print, download or save it to your Pinterest board to keep all this in your mind when decorating your console table.

You can create your action list by deciding on one inspirational console table decor picture. 

What is your favorite console table decor element?

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