kitchen cabinets color ideas

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How to Easily Decide Your New Paint Colors for Kitchen Cabinets

Changing paint colors for kitchen cabinets is the easiest and effective way of improving your kitchen ambiance. But the hardest thing is to decide or be sure about the color choices.

I want to share my way of deciding paint colors for kitchen cabinets and give you some recommendations. I am confident that you can determine what the perfect paint color for cabinets in your kitchen is.

The idea behind creating the perfect balanced interiors is about making the most with what you already have.

By mean that you may paint to change your kitchen cabinets, but you will not change your countertop, faucets, or appliances.

To find the best paint colors for cabinets in the kitchen is to know your countertop material and what will look best with it.

I give you common countertop materials and some color choices which will fit perfectly. Find your own, and start creating your own color combinations for kitchen cabinets.

Before you delve into, check on Paint Colors for Home to following the latest color trends and inspirational color schemes.

Designer’s Tips: If your kitchen has a particular interior design style, looking at some popular choices and using the style-specific color schemes will make your kitchen look like in magazines. Never underestimate the power of interior design styles when making home decor choices.

# Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas for Wood Countertops

The first thing I would do is look at my wood color undertones and shades.

To understand the wood undertone, you can easily place a white piece of paper on your wood and read the tone. If it is a cold, you recognize greyish, greenish colors, or if it is warm, you would probably feel the red.

Then, define the shade. Is it dark, medium, or light wood?

Deciding the paint colors for cabinets in the kitchen with wood countertops is needs at least these two steps.

You need to do these steps because even if you gave you the whole wood type list with temperatures, it might not suit yours. Natural materials have unique shades, tones, and textures.

Use that knowledge and find matching paint colors to create colorful kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas for Dark Wood Countertop


Warm Paint Colors 


Cool Paint Colors

Warm Dark Wood Countertop and White Dove Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas for Light Wood Countertop


Warm Paint Colors


Cool Paint Colors

Cool Light Wood Countertop and Hunter Green Paint Color for Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas for Medium Tone Wood Countertop


Designer’s Tips: The best paint sheen (paint level of shininess) for kitchen cabinets is semi-gloss paint. This finish is easy to clean and has a finish to reflects the light.

# Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas for Stone Countertops

Stone countertops such as quartz, granite, or marble also have unique shades and countless types.

However, understanding the wood temperatures is tricker than finding stones. Stone is a material that indicates colors inside its patterns.

Using those colors and create color combinations for kitchen cabinets will be a wise choice. It will help you to create unique color schemes and make your kitchen cabinets color combinations.

Do you want me to show you how you can do that?

Here is the pink granite stone. Commonly uses as a countertop material, but you don’t need to know the name or the stone to create cohesive color palettes.

Do you recognize that blushy, dark brown colors inside this stone? And the shades of grey color?

Even if you don’t know the name of this stone, you can confidently say that this stone has colors inside, and recognized.

After that, use the complementary color scheme and design kitchen color combinations for cabinets.

kitchen cabinets color combinations
kitchen cabinet color ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color Ideas for Stone Countertops 


Warm Paint Colors


Cool Paint Colors

# Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas for Concrete and Stainless Steel Countertops

Concrete and stainless steel countertops become very famous in modern kitchens over the years. Both of them are very efficient countertop materials and coordinate with any color.

These kinds of materials become popular after the period Industrial Interior Style got its popularity, and designers start using raw materials in every part of the interior design.

If you have one of these countertop materials, I recommend you check on industrial style kitchen decors and learn about industrial style color schemes.

Your options are limitless, but I have some paint color ideas for your kitchen cabinets;

colorful kitchen cabinets

These are beautiful bright colors to use, so be careful if you decide to use one. The primary color in your kitchens color palette should be one of these, and the other colors must have neutrals or subdued colors.

You now learned all of these tips and tricks we designers use. You can confidently choose your paint colors for cabinets in your kitchen and create a unique kitchen environment.

Colors are one of the golden rules to design harmonious, fun, and unique interiors. If you want to learn more about colors;


What is your countertop material?

Feel free to comment below. If you are here, you have a passion for interior design and want to learn about it, so why don’t we share some ideas?

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