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How to Find the Best Paint Colors for Your Wood Tone

You can learn the secrets of matching wood tones with your paint colors.

If you find the perfect paint colors that work well with your wood floors or your wood furniture, the beauty of your wood will enhance, and your room will look more cohesive.

I know that I can’t be in your home to help you decide, but I can give you some guidelines that lead you to the right choices.

Let’s move on to how you can nail it:

Medium and Dark Toned Wood Floors

One of the best paint color backdrops for medium and dark toned wood floors are white or cream.

It doesn’t matter if your wood tone is warm or cool the white color is the perfect choice for medium and dark wood floors.

Some people prefer warmer tones rather than a bright white color. Cream paint colors are ready to give you that warm feeling.

Both colors are also a great choice if you have more than one wood tone in a room. They will allow the different wood tones to shine.

White paint is not boring. In point of fact, it is a perfect counterbalance to all shades of wood tones.

Cool Wood Undertone with White Paint Colors
Wood Floor with White Paint Colors
Warm Wood with White Paint Colors
Different Wood Tones with White Paint Colors

Varying the intensity is always work. It is a great idea to use dark paint colors for light wood tones.

Try to pick paint colors that are at least 2-3 shades darker or, in other cases (if your wood has dark tones), lighter than your wood.

Try to Match Undertones

To match undertones, you need to know your woods undertone and the undertones of the colors. 

Best way to realize the wood tone is the compare it with a bright white color. When you put a piece of white paper near your wood, the tones can reveal.

If you don’t see it, there are some other ways to understand wood tones.

Once you find out, try to find paint colors with the same undertones or simply use neutral colors.

Paint Colors for Wood Floor

Neutral colors are known for being a perfect pair with cool or warm colors, woods, and metals.

Here are some recommendations:

      • If your wood has a warm red undertone (such as cherry wood), a light warm neutral like a greige will look beautiful.
      • For yellow and gold undertones (such as oak), light tan or beige are perfect paint colors for wood floors.
      • If the wood has grey undertones (gray wood stain), then choose cool colors as your paint colors like blue, lavender, or grey.
Paint Colors for Wood

Try to Create Contrast 

In contrast to the last approach, this approach is for those who want to create balance with contrasting colors rather than creating a matchy look.

Both ways are perfect. You need to decide what will make you happy and the best choice for your home.

Here are the contrasting paint colors for wood tones:

      • If you have a yellow undertone wood, try to use deep purple or lavender paint colors to contrast your wood floors. Purple is yellow’s complement on the color wheel.
      • If your wood has orange undertones, you can easily complement it with blue colors. You can decide to choose light or dark blue paint colors, considering the darkness of your wood.
      • You may be wondering what will complement the neutral colors like grey. In that case, decide on the contrasting temperature. Grey is a cool neutral color, and you can complement it with any warm hue.


Blue Paint Color with Warm Wood
Paint Colors for Wood Tones

These are the safest approaches to deciding on perfect paint colors that match your wood flooring or your whole wood surfaces.

Unfortunately, there is not a one size fits all approach in interior design. So, to find the best options for your homes, discover your interior design style and learn more about how to pick perfect paint colors.

One important note to add, before you commit, always test out your paint colors.

What is the undertone of your wood floor?

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