Boy Room Renovation Idea Colorful Space Theme Inspiration

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Boy Room Renovation Idea: Colorful Space Theme Inspiration

Designing a room for a boy has specific needs, like selecting colors, and you need to decide on a theme to make your work easier.

This is a bedroom renovation project that I worked on and finished recently designed for a boy who is about to finish elementary school.

When designing rooms for boys of these ages, you need to consider at least 5-6 years’ future.

So, selecting a big size bed (might be a double bed) is always a better idea when designing a children’s room that is constantly growing.

Also, the theme and the room design shouldn’t be outdating so soon.

The space theme is so popular around the boys of these ages and really hard to sick of looking at stars or clouds anyway.

Check out this design for the little boy bedroom inspiration:

Interior Design Details

This classic blue color is perfect for spreading calm energy throughout the room.

Blue color generally defines as the color of a boy’s room. Still, it also gives a serenity feeling to people and is the primary color for our theme space.

When you look at the pictures below (the first image), there are two bedrooms for two kids of that family we designed their entire house.

For the boy room, we use classic blue color for the furniture pieces, which is the color of the year in 2020.

To strengthen the theme, we added some figures and fonts that serve as light fixtures. For example, you can see the “hello” and cloud figurines shining when led lights are open.

The wallpaper for this boy’s room is the main element to represent that space theme entirely. And if you want to change the theme, just peeling and changing the wallpaper is enough to give this room a different feeling.

Let’s look at this boy room before and after images:

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boy bedroom renovation
boy room renovation
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boy bedroom walpaper
boy room walpaper
boy room before
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boy bedroom bathroom

For the bathroom, we add a little color into it with a blue vessel sink. But the tiles are marble textured ceramics, and the floors are grey ceramic.

These details make this bathroom more adaptable when the owner wants to change this bathroom.

I hope you enjoyed this little boy’s room transformation.

Suppose you want to see more about renovation processes. In that case, you can check on the little girl room transformation right next to this room, living room transformation, master bedroom, or a detailed look at the entire house renovation project.

What are your favorite colors for a boy’s room?

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