Best mid century dining table

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22 Fabulous Dining Tables to Make Your Dining Room a Mid-Century Heaven

If you are looking for something that blends the aesthetics of the modern era with the functionality of yesteryear’s grand tables, you are searching for a mid-century modern dining table.

Browsing dining tables can be a daunting task. There are so many different styles and colors out there to choose from that it’s no wonder you are very confused about finding the perfect one.

However, the problem for some of us is that we can’t come up with dining room table designs that are appropriate for our comfortable lifestyles.

Dining room tables are the most critical piece of furniture in the room. They make or break the mood with their style and appeal, establishing a certain aesthetic around them. For example, if laid out properly, a lovable set of dining room tables — wooden or upholstered — exude a homey feel that warms up any occasion.

1950s mid-century dining tables come with various modern features such as easy clean laminate work surfaces, easy assembly, and multiple color options.

The mid-century tables weren’t easy to afford back then, and they weren’t compatible with distinctly classic-styled home interiors. Well, fear not!

From round to rectangular, from dark wood to white lacquer, there are so many mid-century dining table choices that it can be hard to know where to begin.

Mid century table legs
Best mid century modern dining tables

Well, I’m here to save you some time — we’re going to look at some beautiful examples of mid-century modern dining tables.

Here are some of my favorite mid-century modern dining tables that will add style and function to any space.

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Mid-Century Modern Walnut Dining Tables

Nowadays, it is possible to find mid-century dining tables in different materials and styles. Walnut is one of the favorite wood used in mid-century dining chairs, dining tables, buffets, and mid-century style coffee tables.

Mid-century dining tables made with walnut will give your dining room an elegant touch.

Walnut dining tables can be combined with mid-century dining chairs in different colors – yellow, orange, or white – so that they create a beautiful contrast with each other.

mid century modern dining table walnut
Best mid century dining tables
mid century table walnut
mid century modern table walnut
mid century modern dining table
mid century dining table walnut

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Round Mid-Century Dining Tables

Round tables are particularly beautiful because they allow everyone to see each other and enjoy the conversation.

Mid-century modern dining tables, which have a round shape like the Tulip table, look iconic in interiors. Also, they are one of my favorites.

These round dining tables are perfect for smaller spaces because they don’t take up much room and leave plenty of room around the table for extra seating or other decor items like plants or candles. Plus, round mid-century dining tables can go with almost any decor scheme — just swap out the chairs!

Round mid century modern dining table
Round mid century dining table
Round mid century table

Extendable Mid-Century Dining Tables

Another option for dining is an expandable table which allows for extra guests at the table without having to worry about buying an extra chair or two.

The good news is you don’t need to be concerned about mid-century dining chairs because they look perfect as accent chairs.

Sometimes, when decorating your home, you want to ensure that you’re making the most of your space. That’s why I love these expandable mid-century dining tables.

They are an excellent option for those who want to stretch out but don’t want to take up too much room in their dining room.

I’ve put together a list of some of my favorites below!

Extendable mid century dining table
Mid century dining table expandable
Expandable mid century dining table

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Oval Dining Tables

Oval mid-century dining tables are those that have a vintage look but are more modern and contemporary. They’re a great way to add a touch of retro style without going over the top.

Here are some of the best oval mid-century dining tables:

Oval mid century dining table
Mid century modern dining table oval
Mid century dining table oval

Teak Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Tables

Teak is another wood that is so popular in mid-century style interiors. The high natural durability and acid resistance of teak wood make it a perfect material for indoor and outdoor furniture.

Teak mid-century dining tables can be expensive compared to other tables, but if you are looking for a long-term investment in the future, you will be shocked how long these tables are stable and look stunning.

Teak mid century dining table
Teak mid century modern dining table

Mid-Century Dining Tables for 6 People

Dining tables for 6 people are a good many preferred because the size of these tables nearly fits perfectly in most of our dining rooms.

Mid-century dining tables for 6 are also great to use as your casual dining table in the kitchen. 

Mid century dining table for 6
Mid century modern dining table for 6
Mid century table for 6

Mid-Century Dining Tables for 8 People

Ultimately, you’ll want to choose a table that fits both your space and style.

For example, if you have a larger dining area, you’ll likely want to get a table with more surface area or seat for more people. On the other hand, if you live in a smaller space or have a smaller dining room, you can go for something that’s more fun and eye-grabbing.

I want to make your dining table search easier and list the best mid-century dining tables where 8 people can comfortably sit:

Mid century modern dining table for 8
Mid century dining table for 8

Do you want a round mid-century modern dining table? Or maybe something square or rectangular? So many options and styles are available, so don’t rush into anything. Instead, take some time to look around online and see what catches your eye!

I hope you can find a dining table that suits your tastes and needs on this list. If you did, I believe you made one of the best furniture choices for your dining room.

The other major furniture pieces for your mid-century dining room, like dining chairs,mid-century light fixtures, rugs, and buffets, also require some thought. So why not check on articles for those as well?

I suspect that the next step is finding out which one of these beauties fits your needs and then putting it into your home, with every intention to use it as part of your dining experience.

Before you go, I have another tip for you to help you with your dining table search. If you are looking for a mid-century dining table, you should check out the legs first. Splayed, tapered and hairpin leg styles are the most preferred mid-century style table legs.

Now it’s time to upgrade how you dine with these Mid-Century masterpieces.

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