42 Outstanding Mid-Century Modern Light Fixtures for Every Space in Your Home

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42 Outstanding Mid-Century Modern Light Fixtures for Every Space in Your Home

Trends in home decor come and go, but mid-century modern style and iconic pieces like these light fixtures are here to stay forever.

Do you know why? Because most of us wish for simple yet elegant home decor and mid-century lighting fixtures serve this need more than enough.

If you are one of the home decor enthusiasts who wants to feel your home design sophisticated, modern and chic, mid-century lights are the ones for you.

I have another good news for you; mid-century modern light fixtures nearly always look perfect with every other home decor style.

For example, let’s say you have a farmhouse-style kitchen decor and looking for lighting ideas to look best over your island. You can incorporate it with mid-century pendant lights without any doubt.

Just be careful with some interior design principles, such as the overall color palette in the room and materials. If you nail these details, I promise it will look the best of the best.

The next stage is how you can identify mid-century lamps?

Almost all the mid-century modern lightings have sharp silhouettes with polished metal structures. 

Some fascinating mid-century modern iconic lighting fixtures are trendy over decades in high-end and affordable options. Let’s take a look at them.

Mid-Century Modern Living Room Lighting Fixtures

mid century light fixtures

If you want to work with mid-century lights in your living room, you should consider these two options;

  1. Mid-century modern hanging lights such as chandeliers or ceiling lamps.
  2. Mid-century modern floor lamps.

Be careful when using both of them together because mid-century modern floor lamps and hanging lights have such strong silhouettes.

It would be best to choose minimalist light fixtures next to mid-century ones.

You can work with iconic floor lamps like Arco Floor Lamp and Tripod Lamp. Or, you can work with some of the iconic mid-century modern chandeliers: Artichoke lamps, Sputnik chandeliers, and Bubble chandeliers. 

You can find other options for mid-century modern hanging lights and floor lamps below and some of the iconic pieces I mentioned.

sputnik chandelier
Mid-century modern hanging lights
Mid-century modern hanging lights
sputnik chandelier
mid-century modern floor lamp
arco floor lamp

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Light Fixture Ideas

mid century light

One of the essential light fixtures for kitchens is a pendant light. In addition, if you have an island, you should work with hanging light fixtures for outstanding decor.

Mid-century modern light fixtures look best with almost every kitchen style. However, if you don’t want to go all for country styles (like french country kitchens) and anything modern, maybe you should not work with mid-century lighting for your kitchen.

Mid-century modern kitchen style incorporates lots of wood tones.

Generally, modern design styles tend to feel cold. So working with warm wood tones and metals in your kitchen light fixtures is excellent for changing the feeling.

Here are some of the best mid-century modern pendant lights, chandeliers, and ceiling light ideas for modern kitchens:

Mid-century modern light pendant
mid century pendant light
mid century pendant light
Mid-century modern light pendants
mid-century modern kitchen light fixture

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Mid-Century Modern Dining Room Lights

The dining room is ‘the room’ you should benefit from crazy, bold light fixtures. The first recognizable piece in a dining room is generally the lighting.

It is best to use pendant lights or a chandelier. However, you should consider one more option: the iconic mid-century modern floor lamp, the Arco Floor lamp.

Mid-century modern lights are there for creating stunning dining room decors. So why not just pick one of them?

mid century modern light dining room
Mid century modern dining room lights
modern light fixture
arco floor lamp
Mid century modern dining room lights
mid century modern light fixture dining room

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Mid-Century Modern Style Bedroom Lamps

Mid-century modern nightstand lamps are ready to make either glow or the retro look you seek in your bedroom.

Decide what vibe you are looking for, then check out these nightstand lamps and mid-century modern ceiling lights for a bedroom.

Mid-century nightstand lamp
Mid century modern ceiling lights
Mid century modern flush mount
Mid-century table lamp
Mid-century modern nightstand lamp
Mid century modern nightstand lamp

Mid-Century Modern Bathroom Light Fixtures

Mid century modern light

The bathroom is the room where you should inevitably work on mid-century lighting. Globe wall scones look so chic and are perfect for adding an extra layer of lighting for tasks like make-up or shooting a selfie.

If you don’t have an electrical installation to use wall scones, you can check on mid-century modern flush mount lights.

Mid century modern flush mount light
mid century lighting fixtures
Mid-century modern flush mount
mid century modern lighting fixtures
mid-century wall scone

Mid-Century Modern Hallway Light Ideas

I generally recommend using these three types of light fixtures to use in hallways.

  • If you have a narrow hallway, use 2 or 3 pendant lights.
  • For big entrances or square shape hallways, flush mount lights are perfect.
  • If you love to display art on your hallway walls, consider using wall sconces. You can even use matching pendant lights and wall sconces.

Check out these mid-century modern pendant lights, wall sconces, and flush mount ideas to use in hallways and entrances:

Mid-century modern light pendant
Mid-century modern flush mount light
Mid-century modern hallway light
modern wall scones
Mid-century modern light pendants
Mid-century hallway light

Mid-Century Modern Outdoor Light Ideas

I mentioned a lot of iconic pieces that you can effortlessly work in different rooms. Unfortunately, I am sorry, but there aren’t any iconic mid-century modern outdoor lights.

However, I can lead you to what you are looking for. Work with minimal geometric shape porch lights or industrial hanging lights to feel mid-century modern style on your porch or home exterior.

Here are examples of what you need to search for a mid-century modern outdoor wall light, porch light, or mid-century hanging light for your home exterior:

mid century modern exterior light fixtures
mid-century modern outdoor lights
mid-century modern outdoor light
mid century modern outdoor lights
mid century porch light

In this article, I showed you lots of examples for helping you by identifying a silhouette of what mid-century modern light fixtures should be, such as a globe and an hourglass.

Also, the mid-century style hanging lights, floor lamps, nightstand lamps, and flush mount lightings for every space in your home.

As you can see, there are tons of affordable mid-century modern lighting and some high-end ones. I believe after this article, you can find the best light fixture either for your room, your taste, your budget, or your needs.

Are your taste in home decor more towards modern chicness or country? Let’s share our thoughts in the comments.

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