Styling Bookcases Has Never Been Easier (All You Need to Know)

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Styling Bookcases Has Never Been Easier

(All You Need to Know)

Are you ready to style a bookcase decor that you always dream about? 

Bookcases are furnishings that often end up happening in family homes is something like this. (picture below)

bookshelf decor

Everything’s been shoved in. There is no order or no thought to it and clutter going around. A lot of people end up with bookshelves like this.

Sometimes it’s hard to organize lots of items in one place and to declutter.

Bookcases are an excellent opportunity to show off decorative items and your styling skills.

There are basics of decorating bookcases, and bookcases can be arranged according to a triangle principle.

Let’s discover the secrets of styling bookcases.

The ABC’s of Styling Bookcases

There are 3 types of decorative items that people are generally using to decorate or place in bookcases:

      • Accents: One-of-a-kind items such as art items, statement lamps, etc. They stand out on their own.
      • Books: Of course. Hardcover books are always better choices to use for styling.
      • Collections: These items are often very personal and make your styling unique to your home. What kind of accessory collections you have in your home? The bookcase has space for them.

There are no strict rules in design, so don’t limit yourself to these items only. 

Designer’s Tips: Books are great items to use as risers and create new layers on your arrangements. Placing books underneath any object will change the whole decorative arrangement. It helps you to create a balance the height. By doing these, you can create something more exciting and visually pleasing.

styling bookcases

Creating Invisible Triangles

You probably looked at some ideas on Pinterest about styling bookcases.

After reading this, if you look at them again, I am sure that you will recognize invisible triangles in most of the Bookshelf decor you already like.

So how can you create these triangles when decorating your bookcases?

Achieving those triangles through the items that you are starting is the secret to styling bookcases.

Let’s look at some examples:

styling tips for bookcases
styling tricks for bookcases

As you can see, most of the decorative items have been placed to create the triangle. You can create triangles by using two shelves as well.

It is always a better idea to decorate an empty shelf. Your first step should be putting down all the items on your bookcase.

The second step is to create invisible triangles on the shelf you wanted to decorate. You can use triangles when placing books or place books and decorative objects on the same shelf.

bookcase decor ideas
bookcases styling ideas

After setting up a layout like this, you can confidently place your decorative accessories, which is the simplest task.

Using invisible triangles is helping us to create a sense of structure.

Items that You Should Include in Your Bookcase

I want to give you some items that you need to use on your bookcase to use the triangle method. Knowing the technique but not sure about the decorative objects you need is always creates confusion.

1. Tall Accent Pieces


These are the objects that help you balance the height on each shelf.

For example, you placed the book on the shelf, and books generally always have the same height. To create a triangle, you will need a lot of tall decorative items.

If you have large shelf spacing, tall items are a perfect fit. Otherwise, it will look like something missing and not balanced.

You can always use books to add height to any items. Placed book underneath the item can help your decorative item look taller than it is.

2. Picture Frames


Picture frames are the way of adding personality to your bookcase arrangements. Placing pictures of your family and friends in these frames will add intimacy.

3. Objects that Indicates your Accent colors


Don’t forget that the repetition of color is one of the important decorating rules.

Look at your room and furnishing. Using some of the colors you already use in your room (accent colors) is a brilliant idea to make your arrangements noticeable.

bookshelf decor accesssories

4. Greenery


Even a few faux plants go a long way in bringing energy, life to your shelves.

Placing succulents or cactuses are great options as well because they are so easy to care.

bookshelf decor ideas

Couple of Extra Tips That You Should Keep in Mind

Some of us have lots of books that can’t even fit the bookcase. In that case, decorating the shelves may be impossible, and I understand that.

However, you can still make some changes and organize your books. The best way to do this is to put the books in color order. In the end, your bookcase will look like a color wheel.

The color order can be as on the color wheel. Start with white and then yellow-orange-red-purple-blue-green, finish with black covers.

styling ideas for bookshelfs

Use your decorative objects as bookends. If you place the books horizontally, you can use them as a bookend as well.

If you have a wall around your bookcases, painting your furnishing as the same paint color as the wall is an excellent idea. By doing this, you let your bookcase disappear and your decorative arrangements shine.

Now you know all you need to decorate your dream bookcase.

Are you willing to try these ideas? Please comment below and share your thoughts.

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