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Everything You Need to Know about

Boho Chic Style Decor!

Welcome to the world of Boho Chic interior design style!

Before we dig into every detail to help you decorate your home with Bohemian design style, I want you to be sure that this is your home style.

If you thought “that’s me” to most of these, then Boho Chic is your style:

      • loves mixing bright, bold patterns
      • loves Morrocan puffs and lanterns
      • feels itchy looking at Minimalist decor
      • embraces beaded curtains and macrame
      • adores plants everywhere

However, I want you to remember that you do not have to go all in. It is excellent to mix styles.

As you may have already noticed, Boho chic decors are bright, busy, loud, and, at the same time, stylish even in this chaos.

Not to worry, I am going to break it down to get rid of a confused look and make it chic.

Most importantly, Boho chic decor style screams for individuality. I hope you will use this article as a guideline, not rule. 

It would be best for you to include your taste when decorating, and that is the beauty of Boho decor.

Here is a Boho Chic Decor Style Pinterest board for you to follow up and get inspired.

Let’s go ahead and start with the pieces for the Bohemian decor style.

Boho Chic Style Furniture Features

Bohemian style furniture is defined as Eclectic. The goal here is mismatched furniture.

You can mix anything you like, such as a velvet sofa with simple wood chairs or Bergere chairs. Anything with an ethnic vibe will blend perfectly into your home decor.

Boho Chic Style Furniture Features
classic Boho signatures

However, it would be best if you avoided finding your pieces at Traditional Style furniture retailers. Thrift stores and Flea Markets are the places where you need to look for bohemian style pieces.

It is ideal if your furniture pieces can tell a story.

It doesn’t matter if your furniture pieces have aged. You can decorate them with beautifully patterned pillows.

Pillows are one of the classic Boho signatures in your living room, bedroom, outdoors, and everywhere.

Bohemian bedroom

Speaking of Bohemian bedrooms, this is the perfect time for you to ditch your traditional headboard and change it with a canopy over your bed or hang a large tapestry behind it.

One piece of furniture that is iconic with the Boho Chic design style is a comfortable and fun hammock chair.

Boho Chic style

Bohemian Style Material Choices


Most materials are suitable for the Boho Chic style. I recommend using lots of wood, wicker, and some wrought iron in your headboards or side tables.

For soft materials, the key here is layering. Do your best to layer as many different materials together as possible.

Try to use natural materials like burlap, sisal, and leather and layer those with more delicate fabrics like silk and velvet.

Boho Chic interiors

Sheepskins and other animal skins (faux) are also quite commonly used materials.

To create beautiful Boho Chic interiors, you need to mix textures; this is imperative.

Here are some examples for you to use in your home decor confidently:

        • sheepskin rug over a leather sofa
        • an antique rug over a sisal rug
        • silk pillows on a velvet chair
Accessorize your Boho-Chic Style Home

Boho Color Palettes


The most defining characteristic of the Boho Chic style is the use of colors. All hues work well with this style.

It is all about mixing them. So you need to create a color palette if you are going to decorate your home with Bohemian style because you have limitless options.

I will tell you, don’t even try to use monochromatic color schemes; this would be the only mistake you can make when creating bohemian color schemes.

Using complementary colors would be a good idea. Here is a color palette guide for making it easy to create your Boho Chic color palette.

Accessorize Your Boho Chic Style Home

The main goal in accessories for Boho chic style is to make it look like it’s the home of someone well-traveled.

Even if you aren’t well-traveled, you can accomplish this look by shopping at local thrift shops, flea markets, or craft fairs.

This style is all about patterns, so you need to know how to use a home decoration pattern.

Patterns from ikat to floral and southwestern to stripes, and don’t forget some tribal and animal prints are all ready for Boho Chic style homes.

Boho Chic loves
Morrocoan style rugs

Yes, Boho Chic loves patterns, but you need to balance patterns and your home accessories to avoid chaos.

Let’s dig in and find out how you can do that:

Go and pick a brightly patterned rug, pull colors from that rug for your throw pillows, throw blankets, Moroccan puffs, and some artwork. It will look like a million bucks every single time 🙂

Window Coverings


You have a lot of options for window coverings in the Boho Chic style. As I mentioned, this is a style that loves colors, so you can choose multi-colored curtains.

Regardless of the color, you could go with sheer curtains or a more substantial material like velvet.

Layering your Boho Chic window coverings is an option. You can hang both a plain roman shade under heavier curtains or wooden shutters with light curtains.

To stay with Bohemian style, I recommend you not use roller shades or vertical blinds; this may look like a little Contemporary style.



There isn’t such a thing as too many rugs or too many pillows in this style. 

So, what types of rug should you buy?

Sheepskin and Morrocoan style rugs are prevalent in Boho Chic style, but honestly, you can use almost any rug within your design style.

As I said in this style, the most crucial thing is personalizing and mixing.

Geometric print rugs, antique Persian rugs, and wicker rugs are also my favorites in Boho Chic style rooms.

Wall Art


Blank walls are not allowed in the Boho Chic style. You can decorate every wall in your home. Wait, that’s a bit too much… nevermind we are talking about bohemian 🙂

What I love is that this style is so convenient for gallery walls. You can mix and match everything from black and white photography to oil paintings.

The only concern should be how to hang wall art.

I would also encourage you to hang some sculptural pieces in or out of your gallery walls. Ceramic deer heads, woven textiles, tapestries, or wicker dishes represent the Boho Chic wall decor.

Where can you find Boho Chic style furnishings
boho chic decor style

I need to add one more thing: this style is known for creating magnificent indoor gardens, so don’t forget to add lots of plants with your decorations.

Where Can You Find Boho Chic Style Furnishings?

Earlier I said that you need to look for exciting pieces from thrift shops and flea markets.

Spend some time and wander around to find your elements to create your Boho Chic Home.

However, we all like online shopping, so here are some retailers where you can find Boho Chic style furnishings: Anthropologie, Pier1, Urban Outfitters, and Joss&Main.

Etsy also has Boho Chic style furnishings, and it might be the first stop on my bohemian shopping binge.

Boho Chic style is a more budget-friendly style since you can obtain lots of exceptional items in second-hand stores.

Be sure only to pick items that you love. Don’t forget that, at the end of the day, our homes should make us happy.

Please feel free to leave a comment below this article and let me know if you have any questions that I can answer!

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